3D Virtual House Tours Custom Homes

The process of buying a home has evolved significantly over the years. From traditional open houses to online listings, technology has played a major role in changing the way people search for and purchase homes. And now, with the rise of 3d virtual house tours for custom homes, the home buying experience is set to change once again.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of 3d virtual house tours for custom homes and why they are the future of home buying.

The Evolution of Home Buying

Before the internet, home buyers had to rely on newspaper listings, word of mouth, or driving around neighborhoods to find potential homes. This process was time-consuming and often limited buyers to a small selection of homes.

With the rise of online listings, buyers were able to view photos and videos of homes from the comfort of their own homes. This made the home buying process more convenient and allowed buyers to view a larger selection of homes.

However, even with photos and videos, it can be difficult to truly get a sense of a home without physically being there. This is where 3d virtual house tours come in.

What Are 3d Virtual House Tours?

3d virtual house tours are interactive, 360-degree tours of a home that allow buyers to virtually walk through and explore every room and space. These tours use advanced technology to create a realistic and immersive experience, giving buyers a better understanding of the layout and features of a home.

The Benefits of 3d Virtual House Tours for Custom Homes

A More Realistic Experience

With traditional photos and videos, it can be difficult to get a true sense of a home. Photos can be deceiving and videos may not capture every detail. 3d virtual house tours, on the other hand, provide a more realistic experience. Buyers can virtually walk through the home and get a better understanding of the layout, size, and features.

Saves Time and Money

One of the biggest benefits of 3d virtual house tours is that they save time and money for both buyers and sellers. Buyers no longer have to spend time driving to multiple open houses or scheduling individual showings. They can view multiple homes from the comfort of their own homes, saving time and money on travel expenses.

For sellers, 3d virtual house tours can help reduce the number of in-person showings, which can be disruptive and time-consuming. This can also save sellers money on staging and preparing their home for showings.

Better Understanding of the Home

With 3d virtual house tours, buyers can get a better understanding of the home’s layout and features. They can see how rooms flow together and get a sense of the size and scale of each space. This can help buyers make more informed decisions and eliminate the need for multiple in-person showings.

Customization Options

For custom homes, 3d virtual house tours offer even more benefits. Buyers can customize the tour to their liking, choosing which rooms and spaces they want to see and in what order. This allows buyers to focus on the areas that are most important to them and get a better understanding of the home’s unique features.

The Future of Home Buying

As technology continues to advance, 3d virtual house tours are becoming more and more popular in the real estate industry. In fact, according to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 54% of buyers said they would be more likely to purchase a home if they could take a virtual tour.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, 3d virtual house tours have become even more important. They allow buyers to view homes safely and conveniently without having to physically be there. This has made them an essential tool for home buying during these uncertain times.

3D Virtual House Tours Custom Homes

How to Create a 3d Virtual House Tour for Your Custom Home

Creating a 3d virtual house tour for your custom home is easier than you may think. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Hire a Professional

While there are DIY options for creating 3d virtual house tours, it’s best to hire a professional for the best results. Look for a company that specializes in 3d virtual house tours and has experience with custom homes.

Step 2: Prepare Your Home

Before the virtual tour, make sure your home is clean and decluttered. This will ensure that the tour showcases your home in the best possible light.

Step 3: The Scanning Process

The professional will use a 3d camera to scan each room and space in your home. This process can take a few hours depending on the size of your home.

Step 4: Editing and Processing

After the scanning process, the professional will edit and process the scans to create a seamless and realistic virtual tour.

Step 5: Final Product

Once the editing and processing are complete, you will receive a link to your 3d virtual house tour. You can then share this link with potential buyers and use it in your online listings.

Real-World Examples of 3d Virtual House Tours for Custom Homes

Many real estate companies and custom home builders are already using 3d virtual house tours to showcase their properties. Here are a few examples:

Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers, a luxury home builder, offers 3d virtual

One of the biggest challenges in selling a custom home is helping potential buyers visualize the final product. With traditional 2D photos, it can be difficult for buyers to fully understand the layout and design of a custom home. This is where 3D virtual house tours come in. By providing a 360-degree view of the home, buyers can get a better sense of the space and how it flows. They can also see the unique features and design elements that make the home stand out.

Customization Options

With 3D virtual house tours, you have the ability to customize the experience for potential buyers. You can add interactive elements such as hotspots that provide additional information about specific features or rooms. You can also include floor plans and 3D models of the home, giving buyers a better understanding of the layout and design. These customization options allow you to showcase the unique aspects of a custom home and make it stand out from other properties.

Convenience for Buyers

One of the biggest advantages of virtual tours is the convenience they offer to potential buyers. With a 3D virtual house tour, buyers can view the property from anywhere at any time. This is especially beneficial for out-of-town buyers who may not have the opportunity to physically visit the property. It also allows buyers to take their time and explore the home at their own pace, without feeling rushed or pressured by a real estate agent.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Traditional methods of marketing a custom home, such as open houses and print advertisements, can be costly. With 3D virtual house tours, you can save on these expenses while still effectively showcasing the property. Virtual tours can be easily shared on social media and real estate websites, reaching a wider audience at a lower cost. This makes it a cost-effective marketing tool for custom homes.

Increased Engagement and Interest

Virtual tours are a great way to capture the attention of potential buyers and keep them engaged. With the ability to explore the home in detail, buyers are more likely to spend more time viewing the property. This increased engagement can lead to a higher level of interest in the home and potentially result in a sale. Additionally, virtual tours can also generate buzz and interest in the property, attracting more potential buyers.


In today's competitive real estate market, it's important to utilize all available tools to effectively market a property. 3D virtual house tours offer a unique and immersive experience for potential buyers, making them an essential tool for showcasing custom homes. By providing a realistic and customizable view of the property, virtual tours can help attract and engage potential buyers, ultimately leading to a successful sale. Have you used virtual tours for custom homes? Share your experience in the comments below.