About Mortgagequote.com And Jumboloan.com

About Mortgagequote.com & Jumboloan.com – Company History

Mortgagequote.com And Jumboloan.com Via New Century Financial Mortgage Is A Licensed Residential And Commercial Mortgage Brokerage Firm Located In Hollywood, Florida.

MortgageQuote.com and JumboLoan.com are a part of New Century Financial Mortgage and are approved for the following business activities: Commercial brokering or Lending, First brokering, High Cost, Lead Generation, Modifications, Home Equity/Lines of Credit, Reverse, Second’s, Short Sale in the state of Florida.

Founded with a mission to provide new age home financing solutions for people craving a thoughtful, personalized approach, New Century Financial Mortgage first entered the scene in South Florida. Since its inception, it has since grown to become one of Florida’s premier mortgage brokerages.

CEO and founder Michael Williamson humbly offers clients customized home financing solutions in combination with superior, high-quality guidance, while following the “know your client” rule. Having traveled the globe and lived in Monaco, to London, Manhattan, and all throughout Florida, Michael Williamson understands that no two client profiles are alike. Each requires its own personal attention and strategic plan. However, all final decisions are always left up to the client. Clients will always get to choose from the rates and terms that are available to them by the lender.

Michael holds or previously helds such professional licenses from life and health insurance, financial securities, mortgage broker, real estate agent industry and non licensed ventures such as blockchain/crypto and computer programming background. Along with Michael’s tenure at the prestigious Cass Business School at the University of London, a top 15 global business school, while obtaining his MBA, inspired him to pursue a new approach to home lending that would elevate the client experience. Offering more customer-oriented solutions and guiding them over the precipice into the new century. Our goal is to set the client up for success, as every loan must benefit the client. In addition, our company's history is important to us as we try to provide a superior customer experience to each client as we build our company based on building trust through relationships.

Digital Process

The mortgage and real estate industries have both taken decades to make innovating strides in platform enhancements and digital processes. However, we have been at the forefront of industry, leveraging innovations from multiple lenders, in order to provide you with the best possible financing solution available.

Have you ever wondered how a mortgage broker compares to other lenders? We have a unique edge over banks or credit unions because we incorporate a broader framework. This enables us to offer clients a variety of financing options by leveraging a myriad of lending relationships. Learn more about us by getting started.

Check out our NMLS consumer access profile when you look for a mortgage broker near me.

Our Approach

About our company, MortgageQuote.com, JumboLoan.com and New Century Financial Mortgage Company history prides ourselves on building private-client relationships above all else and trust. We’ve found that by asking the right questions and having meaningful conversations allows us to know our customer. We unpack your unique needs and come up with strategic solutions customized specifically to your interest.

How many times have you told a lender or broker, “well, another bank said they could do this” or “I went to my bank and they said they could offer…” and then that bank did not deliver?

Unlike with the national lenders where personal services go by the wayside and where you are just another sale and are not required to pass an NMLS exam, here at New Century Mortgage we embed ourselves into the guidance component, making sure to only guide financing solutions that align with your financial goals and all of us have passed the mortgage professional exam, and some of us are also real estate agents as well.

We strive to offer clients a tactful and streamlined application process leveraging a variety of digital platforms to help you make the right decision, lower or eliminate your out-of-pocket costs, and close with record speed in our opinion. Some loans may even be eligible for an e-closing, which means you don’t have to travel to the title company to close.

We try to offer a luxurious and full-service approach, taking you from the initial consultation and navigating you through the entirety of the loan process, all the way through (and past) closing while educating you along the way.

Our approach also provides you with other benefits, including:

Our Products And Services

We have a unique competitive advantage over other lenders and brokers which is that we offer a unique selection of mortgage financing solutions. This allows us to provide guidance and customize a mortgage plan for exactly the type of solution that meets your particular needs. We also try to help educate the client with our Education Center, such as our mortgage calculators and our mortgage programs. A more educated client is better informed, and therefore can make better decisions regarding your mortgage goals.

Conforming Conventional Mortgage Programs

Want a typical vanilla mortgage loan? We offer conforming conventional mortgage loans, what sets us apart is our process and attention to detail.

Sometimes a conforming conventional loan may be the best solution, however we try to complete a full analysis to understand and determine the extent of your financing needs before offering any mortgage financing solution. Our guidance may surprise you as there are strategies that you might not have thought of. After all, buying a home is one of the most expensive investments one will make in their life, wouldn’t you want your loan to be customized to your unique situation?

Affordable Lending Mortgage Programs

Some homebuyers may benefit from solutions that offer more flexibility when it comes to a required down payment. Borrowers looking for a more affordable solution may want to consider Fannie Mae’s Home Ready program or Freddie Mac’s Home Possible program or Home One Mortgage.

Looking to combine down payment assistance, such as grants, no-interest or zero-interest second mortgages, or other available programs with your purchase? No problem. Both of these solutions work great for borrowers applying and using down payment assistance funds.

New Century Mortgage offers both of these solutions to borrowers that are interested in purchasing a new primary dwelling. Some benefits include:

Check to see if your estimated income and property qualify for these programs by using real estate search tools.

Think you make too much money to qualify for either Home Ready or Home Possible? While we can let you know our opinion, we might also recommend Freddie Mac’s Home One program which offers unencumbered restrictions on income for first time homebuyers.

About Mortgagequote.com And Jumboloan.com

Government-backed Mortgage Programs

MortgageQuote.com works with borrowers from all financial backgrounds. Had credit issues in the past? Don’t think your credit score will hold up when it comes to qualifying for a new purchase or refinance? Think again.

As a full-service mortgage broker, MortgageQuote.com offers clients flexible financing solutions including Federal Housing Administration (FHA), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) mortgage loan programs.

While FHA programs are available to a broader audience, such as FHA REO Mortgage, or the FHA Streamline Mortgage; the USDA and VA loans may be better if you’re a borrower within a niche target market.

USDA loans are generally geared toward assisting borrowers located or moving to more rural communities.

Similarly, VA loan programs can be quite lucrative for qualified U.S. military service members on active duty, reservists, or retired from service. Spouses of service members may also qualify for entitlements.

FHA, USDA, and VA programs characteristically offer reasonable underwriting criteria as well flexible or no down payments. Purchase and refinance programs are both available through each agency respectively.

Furthermore, these programs can often have more favorable repayment terms compared to conforming conventional mortgages since they are insured by the federal government.

Overall, Some Benefits Include:

Foreign Investor And Jumbo Mortgage Programs

Have your eyes set on that extravagant villa in Key West, that beach house in Ft. Lauderdale, or that private mansion in Boca Raton?

Specializing in foreign investor mortgages and high-end luxury real estate jumbo mortgages, we can recommend a variety of financing solutions to get you on your way to rest and relaxation on your new private estate.

Luxury real estate is typified, in part, by the higher price point it carries, meaning if you are not paying cash then you will usually need a larger loan to make your purchase.

We offer clients jumbo mortgage solutions that allow for higher loan amounts so you can purchase your dream home. Secure a sizable, non-conforming loan with flexible underwriting and collateral requirements.

Are you a foreign-investor looking to capitalize on the trajectory of the U.S. housing market? Or are you simply searching for that perfect second destination home? Then you might just be in luck.

While traditional lenders may give you the runaround, We can help guide you on real solutions, getting you to the closing table faster. Some benefits to both programs include:

Sizeable Loan Limit Thresholds

Flexibility with Acceptable Collateral Types

Tempered Eligibility and Qualification Criteria

Reverse Mortgage Programs

Every borrower has unique needs which is why we don't just offer one or two mortgage loan programs. We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of all borrowers.

Reverse mortgage loans can benefit a lot of individuals. For instance, if you are over the age of 62, you should explore reverse mortgage solutions which may not even require you to pay off an existing mortgage loan.

Another advantage of reverse mortgages is that they may be a great tool to help supplement retirement income. In addition, here are some benefits borrowers have found:

Access Available Equity

Provide Supplementary Income

Additional Stability During Periods of Volatility

Whether you are looking to make that new purchase or simply want to take advantage of the current mortgage interest rate environment, whatever your goals may be, we will be here to assist you, setting you up for success in this new century.

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