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Property Appraiser

All 67 Florida counties property appraiser websites are located in the drop down menu. The purpose of each property appraiser is to establish the ‘value’ of your property on January 1st of each year. Items such as exemptions, assessment limitations and classifications for potential property tax.

Tax Collector

Florida’s 67 counties each have their own County Tax Collector. The drop down menu will allow you to select your county, and review the appropriate site. The tax collector collects ad valorem and non ad valorem taxes, aka property taxes. Florida Statute 197 allows the county to collect. You might also find delinquent property taxes.

Value Adjustment Board

Florida uses a tax system for real estate properties called ‘ad valorem’, which is Latin for “according to value”. The value of your property broken down in real and personal are then levied. You may dispute or appeal the assessment of your property’s value, view each county and you should be able to to see how to proceed. You may want to seek legal counsel for any advice as the information on our site and the following attached are for informational and educational purposes only.

Recording fees calculator

Mortgages and deeds doc stamp tax and intangible tax fees for each county. These fees may vary from county to county.

County Official Records

The official records from each county are documents such as mortgages, liens, deeds, marriage licenses, plat and tax deeds.

Area Median Income

The Area Median income is very important for those that are wanting a RefiNow or Home Ready or Home Possible mortgage program. It is geared for First Time Home Buyers and people that make 80% or less of the median income of the zip code where the subject property is located at. The programs also allow for those that fit this criteria and want to put very little money down on a property.

Owner Alerts

This service is provided by your local county, the purpose is to inform you if a document is received by the county, such as changing the ownership of your property. This can be very important when wanting to protect your home from potential fraudsters.

County Permits

Records search for permits/permitting in each county, please note each city may have their own criteria and requirements.

City Permits

Permit forms and information, including demolition/removal, alterations and construction of structures, please inquire to see if you might need a building permit.

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