Altamonte Springs Florida

A suburban city that was incorporated in 1920, Altamonte Springs is situated in Florida’s Seminole County. Altamonte Springs got its name from Dr. Washington Kilmer who named the area after Altamont, New York, a place where his childhood home was located.

In 1882, the area officially got its name, Altamonte Springs from Thomas C. Simpson and four other businessmen from Massachusetts, and was eventually incorporated as a city in the following years after the residents of Altamonte Springs voted in favor of the city’s incorporation. As of 2019, the estimated population of Altamonte Springs was recorded at 44,143 people, and the total area of the region is about 9.69 square miles.

Dubbed as one of the best places to settle in Seminole County, Altamonte Springs has loads to offer for locals and tourists who are curious to learn more about the suburban city. Among the top sights to explore in Altamonte, the Crane Roost Park tops the list.

The park not only offers a place for outdoor activities but also has its own lake, a plaza, and fountain places to explore. Another popular destination in Altamonte Springs is Lake Lotus Park. The park features a nature boardwalk and a spacious place for local sightseeing. Other points of interest include Westmonte Park, Wekiva Trail, The Holocaust Memorial Education Center, and the Wekiwa Springs State Park.

Altamonte Springs Florida

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Altamonte Springs ranks among the best places to explore in Seminole County due to its diverse range of places to visit, and state-of-the-art facilities that really make the city stand out from the rest.

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