Auburndale Florida

Founded in 1880 by Frank Fuller, Auburndale is a city that was incorporated in the year 1911. The city of Auburndale forms a part of Florida’s Polk County, and is located at a distance of 40 miles from Tampa, and 59 miles from Orlando. According to the U.S Census Bureau, Auburndale has a total population of 13,507 residents and extends over a total geographical area of 20.58 square miles.

Auburndale is a hidden gem deep in the heart of Polk County. Surrounded by lakes and nature, this quaint southern town is a place of natural beauty. With nearby springs and parks, you can easily enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

A visit to Auburndale allows you nearby access to popular points of interest such as Saddle Creek Park, a popular hiking, fishing and camping spot visited by many throughout the year. Holloway Park is also frequented by many tourists for its acres of beautiful nature trails that are ideal for running, trekking and hiking. Similarly, Van Fleet Trail is another stunning tourist destination that is worth visiting, due to its cycling park and serene gardens.

Auburndale Florida

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If you want to get away from all the hustles in life, Auburndale is the place you need to go. From a relaxing fishing trip on a dock to a hiking adventure through a nature preserve, there’s plenty to do here for people of all types.

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Auburndale, Florida

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