Bal Harbour Florida

Located in Miami Dade County to the North of Miami Beach in Florida, Bal Harbour is a small village settlement that was originally incorporated in 1946 under the name “Bay Harbour”, but was later renamed to Bal Harbour due to its Atlantic significance. As of 2018, the village has a total population of approximately 3,000 people.

The beautiful location serves as an elegant tourist destination that is widely known for its outdoor resorts, dining places, luxurious mall and sandy beaches.

Barefoot Beach Preserve has a rich heritage of the wild gopher tortoise, which is native to the South-Eastern part of the United States. The preserve was a sustained effort to keep the tortoise species alive, and hosts many other wildlife and sea life attractions to enthrall tourists across the beach.

Among its famous tourist attractions, The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort is an eye-catching location for those who love to have a pocket-friendly beach resort visit. The 25-story resort is well known for its serene and stunning view. Apart from its outdoor resorts, Bal Harbour is also renowned for its children’s museum, which showcases wildlife, local culture, science, and space. The Venetian Pool is another famous tourist destination in Bal Harbour that attracts many tourists. With a blend of breeze and sun, the pool has fresh spring water and provides a calming and peaceful environment.

Bal Harbour Florida

Settling in Bal Harbour, Florida

An ideal location that provides all the modern amenities, a plethora of outdoor resorts, tourist attractions, and a peaceful environment, Bal Harbour is a place that is located near Fort Lauderdale and that is also in close proximity to the city of Miami. If you are looking to settle in Bal Harbour, and need a mortgage loan, then contact New Century Financial Mortgage to further inquire. We are a boutique brokerage firm that offers mortgage loans, and a variety of mortgage programs that are tailor-made for you. Contact New Century Financial Mortgage today and get a free mortgage quote from our top lenders and start knowing what a personalized mortgage firm can do for you today.


Bal Harbour, Florida

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Bal Harbour

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