Barefoot Beach Florida

Barefoot Beach, Florida is a beach preserve located near the North Naples community, in the Collier County of Florida. Barefoot Beach covers a land area of 342 acres, ideally situated along the coast of Bonita Beach. Barefoot Beach is home to the largest gopher tortoise preserve in South West Florida, paying special attention to wildlife and sea life in its county park.

Dating back to the early 1990s, Barefoot Beach had always remained a tourist’s paradise, forming a significant part of the North Naples Community. Due to its attractive location and wildlife presence, rapid development began across the preserve to make it into one of Collier County’s most visited beaches today.

Barefoot Beach Preserve has a rich heritage of the wild gopher tortoise, which is native to the South-Eastern part of the United States. The preserve was a sustained effort to keep the tortoise species alive, and hosts many other wildlife and sea life attractions to enthrall tourists across the beach.

The Barefoot Beach Preserve also hosts a full kayak tour of the beachside, a natural and scenic landscape of the County Park, and wildlife which can be observed across 96 unique parking slots, making it a spacious tourist destination.

Barefoot Beach Florida

Living in Barefoot Beach, Florida

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Barefoot Beach preserve

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