Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Potential real estate buyers generally spend much time examining the bedroom during a house viewing, by knowing some bedroom decorating ideas it will impress your buyers. This room is one of the first rooms interested individuals see when touring the property.

One reason for the scenario above is that people want a “personal oasis” where they can unwind after a tiring day.

Supposedly, bedrooms are places to relax and recover from the day's work. However, some interior bedroom designs may cause sleep problems. From paint colors, feng shui and calm music.

A study from the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine suggested that the placement of windows may have an impact on sleep quality and overall health, emphasizing on the importance of sufficient daylight exposure.

If you're having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, some believe that using CBD oil may help you sleep well, according to CBD Clinicals. Some CBD users claim that the compound could improve sleep quality, although research into the effects of CBD on outcomes, such as sleep problems is still scarce.

For many people, the bedroom’s interior design must also be functional or aesthetic aside from relaxing. You may want to consider painting the interior of your home with calm colors, ask your paint shop for suggestions on brands and style of paint.

Individuals look at the bedroom as showcasing the homeowner's style. These potential buyers may imagine themselves living in the space. You may even want to look for ideas to decorate your living room to generate some different concepts to help you sell your home faster.

How do you transform a dull bedroom and not overdo it? What are some unique bedroom themes?

This article discusses unique bedroom themes, including ways to transform but not overdo bedroom makeovers.

10 Must-Try Bedroom Themes

Here are ten unique themes to try for your next bedroom makeover:


“Anything goes” in an eclectic style, but it must be well-organized. People interested in this theme must bring the ensemble of textures, colors, and patterns together. Ensure that the integrated furniture and image combinations complement one another rather than clash. To prevent sensory overload, use vivid colors, but keep the flooring neutral.


At first, a contemporary design may appear uninviting. Still, it can look cozy with the right textures and accents.

Your bedroom can quickly go from dull to pleasing with the addition of contemporary design-inspired textures, colors, and wood furnishings.

Modern bedroom decor uses natural light to create an easy and airy atmosphere for a place to unwind.

Contemporary decors generally refer to sleek and clean styles like sharp walls with vertical, straight lines and edges and little to no accessories.

People interested in this theme use a lot of glass to create a clean and modern bedroom look. Consequently, these designs utilize large windows and even entire glass walls.


The cottage theme is cozy due to its laid-back and casual style. The open layout embraces a relaxed, natural, understated look, making it a good space for a bedroom retreat.

Use board-and-batten walls in a cottage theme to give your room a subtle depth.

Meanwhile, woven blinds and a jute rug offer organic texture. A typical example of cottage style shows a bed that combines ruffled sheets with various patterns in muted blue tones.


Scandinavian design is minimalist and streamlined, drawing inspiration from the basic aesthetic prevalent in the Nordic region.

Where minimalism can feel cold, the Scandinavian design avoids this by filling the space with a ton of texture, including rough woods, organic textiles, and stone.


With a Mediterranean bedroom design, you can enjoy the appeal of dreamy beach resorts, fine sand, and plenty of sunshine.

Modern Mediterranean design is a blend of sophistication and elegance that draws inspiration from an area with a rich cultural history.

This style incorporates European pomposity, rustic furnishings, earthy color palettes, and modern and contemporary components.


Traditional design, which is all about the classics and has solid European influences, incorporates antiques, deep hues, and opulent furnishings.

For example, this style may involve a four-poster bed with elaborate carvings and a vibrant Persian rug.

Everything in traditional design has an established, time-honored feel about it.


The bohemian style’s casual approach means you don't need to follow a set formula. With this theme, you can combine vibrant hues and ethnic textiles.

Boho-inspired bedrooms use weathered furniture and quirky accessories, like textile wall hanging and beaded chandeliers. These spaces are generally layered with carpets, patterns, and linens.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas


The coastal style emphasizes sun-washed hues, organic textures, and an airy atmosphere to evoke the breezy beach vibe. Plantation shutters allow plenty of sunlight into this coastal bedroom filled with sea- and sand-inspired woven textures and layers of color. Homes in Key West are popular for using coastal style themes.


Today, the rustic bedroom design is becoming more popular as an alternative to the minimalist aesthetic that has long dominated the market. Warm colors, repurposed furnishings, huge carpets spread out on the floor, and worn-out storage trunks are all characteristics of rustic decor.

A rustic-style bedroom offers a contemporary, cozy escape from hectic urban life.

Art Deco

Art Deco, which can take you back to the “Roaring 20s,” is glitzy, refined, and extravagant. With this theme, you can use bold patterns, lavish fabrics, and striking mirrored or metallic finishes to blend with elegant lighting.

This style’s bold furnishings may feature a dramatic tufted headboard and mirrored nightstands.

Tips for Not Overdoing Bedroom Makeovers

Here are some ways to not overdo bedroom makeovers:

  • It's all about quality, not quantity, regarding decorative pillows. Don’t let too many pillows swallow up the space in your bedroom.
  • Using patterns is good only if you can combine the decors aesthetically. If you have a favorite color, it doesn’t have to overwhelm your chosen bedroom theme.