Belle Glade Florida

Forming a part of the Jacksonville Beaches, Atlantic Beach is a city that is located in the eastern portion of Duval County, Florida. Home to a population of 12,655 residents, Atlantic Beach exists as a quasi-independent city, implying that it maintains its own government, but has its city council in Jacksonville. As its name suggests, Atlantic Beach is bordered by the Atlantic Coast and is in proximity to North Beach and Neptune Beach.

Laid-back and friendly, Atlantic Beach feels more like a beach town than a family city. Its residents enjoy top-notch schools, excellent shopping and restaurants, and a rich history district to explore on every footstep.

Over its area of 33.5 square kilometers and nearby, one can conveniently visit top attractions such as Tide Views Preserve, Howell Park, Johansen Park, and Dutton Island Preserve. Not only is the city abundant in coastal beaches, but also finds itself surrounded by greenery and outdoor parks that attract tourists from all over Florida.

Belle Glade Florida

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Belle Glade is known for its warm weather, friendly people, and an unusual tourist attraction--for hundreds of miles in any direction, the land is covered by sugar cane. Whether you’re looking for a quaint getaway or simply the perfect hideaway, you are sure to find it in Belle Glade.

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