Blountstown Florida

Located towards the Northwestern portion of Florida, Blountstown is a city in Calhoun County, which is also its county seat. Blountstown encapsulates a total area of 3.20 square miles at an elevation of 62 feet, with a total population of about 2443 people, recorded in the year 2019.

Neighboring to Bristol, Altha, and Grand Ridge, Blountstown is a great place for tourists to explore and discover popular points of interest nearby. Some of these places include the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement, a historical destination that is a must-visit for history buffs and cultural enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the local history and culture of Blountstown.

The Torreya State Park, a popular state park located just 10.8 miles away from Blountstown that offers a great place for the outdoors, as well as a serene riverside view. The Chipola River Outfitter in Altha, a stunning natural resort that offers many outdoor activities for explorers, and the Veterans Memorial Railroad, a historic point of interest for local tourists to explore and learn more about the local culture and heritage of the area.

Blountstown Florida

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