Bradford County

Bradford County, founded in 1858 is an area situated in the Northeastern region of Florida. The county was originally named the New River County in 1858 but was later renamed Bradford in 1861 after Captain Richard Bradford, who played a major role in the U.S Civil War. The county seat of Bradford is Starke, which is also its largest city, and the total population is about 28,000 people, as of 2019.

While most of Bradford County consists of farms and trailer homes that are scattered across the three cities of Hampton, Lawtey, and Starke in the county, it is still home to some of the most beautiful and eye-catching lake reserves and hiking trails in Florida.

The Palatka-To-Lake Trail is one of the top hiking trails in Bradford County, which is also home to different species of wildlife that can be observed across the trail. Crosby Lake and Hampton Lake are two other must-visit places in Bradford, providing opportunities for hunting, fishing, and boating. The Starke City Recreation is the most-visited park in Bradford County, offering fun and entertainment for all ages.

Bradford County

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Bradford County, Florida

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