Citrus County Florida

Citrus County is a U.S county that was founded in June 1887 and is situated in the Western region of Florida. Geographically, the county extends over an area of 773 square miles while having a total population of about 149,000 people.

Named after the citrus groves within the region, Citrus County was once home to mass citrus production as a part of Hernando County. With the Great Freeze in 1894, a majority of citrus crops were destroyed all across Florida, which also led to a decline in citrus production in Citrus County as well. Development in the years to follow was focused on extracting minerals and salts from the region in an attempt to restore economic progress and was largely successful after the first World War.

Today, Citrus County is a vastly developed country, widely regarded for its natural parks, springs, and wildlife preserves. Some top sights in the county include the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park, known for its rich exhibit of Floridian Animals and Manatees, The Crystal River Preserve, which is a historical trail and state park, and also hosts the remains of an ancient human settlement for tourists to see, and Fort Cooper State Park, which provides camping, hunting, and site-exploring opportunities.

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Citrus County Florida

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Citrus County Florida