Cost for a home inspection

If you fail to get an inspection before selling your home or purchasing a new one, you could possibly unknowingly be making a huge financial mistake. Sellers might rely on inspections to accurately price the property and fix any problems before putting the house on the market. Buyers might need inspections to ensure they are not buying a property with lots of hidden, expensive problems.

The cost of a home inspection must be factored in when considering the cost of buying or selling a home. The average cost varies depending on the size and location of the house. The age also could make a difference because older properties are more likely to have problems and so need a more thorough investigation.

Having said that, you can expect to pay somewhere around a few hundred dollars for a 1600 square-foot home, which is about the average size of a home in the USA. If your property is smaller, you will pay less as the price is usually based on the square foot. An overall average should be below $1,000 but the price again might vary, as in some locations, it can be quite a bit more expensive and can run into the thousands of dollars.

Cost for a home inspection

Adding up these costs of selling a home is important, but you also need to start looking at options for a mortgage. If you can get pre-approved early and start looking for a new home, you can streamline the whole process. Get in touch with and we will try to help you explore your loan options to find the loan that meets your needs.


How much does a home inspection cost?

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost in Florida?