Crestview Florida

Serving as the county seat of Okaloosa County, Crestview is a city located in the Florida panhandle, which has a total population of about 25,000 residents, as of an estimate in 2019. Historically, Crestview has served as a gateway of transport by a railroad service that operated throughout the western Florida Panhandle.

Since then, several terminals and structures have been established in the area, including the studio location for Apache Records in 1960. Today, the city of Crestview has developed into a flourishing and evergreen city, with steady economic and infrastructure development.

Crestview is a city built on the reality that small towns are where the heart is. Residents enjoy peaceful nights filled with quiet walks on scenic roads and birdsong. The city is home to beautiful white-sand beaches, lakes, and woodlands.

Among the most popular places to visit are Twin Hills Park, a beautiful green space that offers access to various athletic facilities, Baker Block museum, a nearby attraction to the west that exhibits a cluster of artifacts, sculptures, and relics, and the historic Carver-Hill within Crestview that offers an excellent display of local history with a guided tour.

Crestview Florida

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Crestview is a fun and friendly city in Okaloosa County. With a whole lot to see in this little gem such as historical buildings, local parks, and green spaces, your family will be sure to have the time of their lives here.

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