Cross City Florida

A town situated in Northeast Florida, Cross City is a local settlement and the county seat of Dixie County. Historically, Cross City was known for its lumber production and exports to all parts of Europe, thus making significant contributions to the local lumber industry. The Putnam Lodge was also constructed in Cross City in 1927 for lumber buyers to settle and dine and still operates to this date. In 2019, the total population of Cross City was recorded at 1713 people, with a population density of 927.95 square miles.

Settling in Cross City has many perks and benefits, as the town is situated close to popular freshwater springs and natural state parks that attract many local tourists throughout the year. In its immediate vicinity, The Cross City Mainline Loop and the Bowlegs Mainline Loop serve as important points of interest for local settlers. Apart from those, the Manatee Springs State Park is also nearby Cross City, known for its wildlife presence and freshwater springs. Hart Springs is another nearby tourist attraction for locals in Cross City, which is known for its natural attractions, as well as providing a stunning place for all sorts of outdoor activities and family gatherings.

Cross City Florida

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Cross City is a small and cozy town, situated just 19 miles from the Florida Gulf Coast, providing an excellent rest place for tourists looking to explore the coastline and nearby points of interest. The town itself has much to offer to explorers who are in pursuit of a relaxing and secure location to rehab in Northeast Florida. If you also want to get a free mortgage loan quote in Cross City to help you buy a property there, reach out to We are a mortgage broker that is partnered with top lenders in Cross City to help you pick a suitable mortgage program that is geared around your needs and ambitions.


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Cross City, FL

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