Dania Beach Florida

Situated in Broward County, Dania Beach is a metropolitan coastal city in the U.S state of Florida. The city was originally a part of a neighborhood known as Modello in the 19th century and was incorporated under the name ‘Dania’ in November 1904.

In 1926, Dania was officially announced to be a part of Hollywood city and remained integral to its location for the next six decades. In 1998, Dania was renamed Dania Beach and was established as a separate city in Broward County. Moreover, surrounding neighborhoods of Broward County were also merged with Dania Beach to make it a decently populated region. Since then, the total geographical area recorded under Dania Beach is about 8 square miles, and the total population of Dania Beach is estimated to be at 32,000 people in 2019.

Dania Beach is a lovely coastal city, hosting a plethora of seaside beaches, fishing spots, and boating tours. The Dania Beach Pier, located towards the coast of Dania Beach provides ample opportunities for tourists to enjoy fishing, sightseeing, and beach-side activities.

Dania Beach is also home to historical sites and destinations such as the Naval Air Station Fort, located in Fort Lauderdale, which includes a rich heritage of naval aviation and sea crafts. Furthermore, the Anne Kolb Nature Center is also a must-visit tourist attraction in Dania Beach, which features an observation tower, beautiful mangroves, and hiking trails for local tourists to explore.

Dania Beach Florida

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Dania Beach, Florida

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