DeBary Florida

Situated near Lake Monroe and along the northern part of St. Johns River, DeBary is a city that was incorporated in December, 1993. Nicknamed ‘The River City’, the city of Debary is located in the south western portion of Volusia County and spans over a total area of 21.79 square miles. Once populated by the Timucuan Indians, who lived along the area surrounding Lake Monroe, DeBary is home to a local population of 553,284 residents as of 2019.

DeBary offers a safe and quiet place to call home. Fishing and water sports are popular along the banks of the St. Johns River. Residents love the picturesque waterfront park outlooks and the great variety of outdoor amenities.

Not only does DeBary offer an array of natural attractions, but it's premium restaurants, shopping centers and markets offer the best of what Florida has to offer. Top sights to explore across DeBary include but are not limited to Gemini Springs Park, Black Bear Wilderness Area, Spring to Spring Trail and Central Florida Zoo.

DeBary Florida

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