DeSoto County

Founded in May 1887, DeSoto County is a U.S County located in the state of Florida. DeSoto County is distributed across an area of 639 square miles, with its county seat in the city of Arcadia, which is also the largest city in the county. According to an estimate in 2019, the total population of DeSoto County is roughly 38,000 people.

The county has a rich history of Calusa Indians and Spanish Explorers who influenced the region in the early 16th century. DeSoto was also under British occupation in 1763, as a part of East Florida, and was later returned to the Spanish in 1783, before it became an integral part of the United States in the 19th century. DeSoto County also had great significance to the U.S Military, with the construction of Fort Ogden during the Seminole War in 1841, and by operations through the Carlstrom Field Airbase during World War II.

Modern-day DeSoto County was rocked by Hurricane Charley during 2004, but the county has come a long way ever since, developing into a modern and prosperous region with a high literacy rate. DeSoto County is also home to the best kayak tours in Florida, as well as natural parks and river preserves such as the Brownville Park, Morgan Park, and the Prairie Shell Creek.

DeSoto County Florida

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