Dr Philips Florida

Dr Philips, a suburb in Orlando, is one of the most popular places to live in Orange County, Florida. The area covers the land of about 12.6 square kilometers and is a house to around 11,000 residents.

This place has an unusual name and that is because it is named after Dr Philip Phillips who is considered a pioneer in the packaged orange juice industry. He owned a lot of property, majority of which was sold to Minute Maid, which is a lemonade and orange juice beverage company, while some land was sold to developers and neighboring communities. Dr Phillip was also responsible for innovations in the processing and packaging of the juice box.

Throughout the years, the town has developed really fine infrastructure and architecture while maintaining a premium lifestyle of its citizens. The economy of Dr Philips Florida largely depends upon the tourism and defense sector. People can get all the basic amenities in this area. Children can go to schools, adults can set up their businesses and families can settle into affordable yet luxurious homes. The area also has exquisite restaurants and tourist attraction points. Slate, Season 52, Christini’s Ristorante Italian are some of the restaurants that are even famous throughout Orlando. Dr Philips is also close to Universal Studios and Disney, hence the residents living here are at a great advantage. Moreover, Time’s Money Magazine listed Dr Philips as the best place to live in Florida.

Dr Philips Florida

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