East Lake Orient Park Florida

East Lake-Orient Park is an unincorporated CDP that is situated in the north-central portion of Florida’s Hillsborough County. With a total population of 22,753 people in 2010, the CDP is home to the Florida State Fairgrounds, a place that is known to host many events throughout the year in Florida including the famous Florida State Fair.

The census area was also once home to the East Lake Square Mall, a mall that operated in the area till 1998, and was shut down due to a decrease in sales and popularity.

East Lake-Orient Park is a beautiful and modern community that offers easy access to the area’s top attractions in Florida, time-honored traditions in the gulf coast culture, and a plethora of excellent schools.

The census area also features wide streets, lush green lawns, and distinctive neighborhoods. With its proximity to Tampa, you can comfortably visit all of the attractions at a close drive, without ever feeling like you left the area.

East Lake Orient Park Florida

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East Lake-Orient Park is a celebrated neighborhood in the Tampa Bay Area that has been known as a place where friends and family can come together to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. It is a mixed-use community with a perfect blend of residential, commercial, and recreational areas. It’s a great place for both families and businesspeople alike.

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East Lake-Orient Park, Florida

East Lake Orient Park

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