Edgewater Florida

Situated in Volusia County of Florida, Edgewater is a city along the Indian River. Previously known as Hawks Park, it was renamed as Edgewater in 1924 by Florida Legislative.

Edgewater, Florida is an underrated place between Daytona Beach and Cape Canaveral. Being a small town, this place is a great spot for those who prefer to have a relaxing environment. This city comes with the privilege of having a museum along the Indian River. Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse and Museum is a perfect place to explore the Indian River as its lighthouse has the location of providing breathtaking views.

Bethune Beach is a wonderful place other than the Indian River to spend your time. The coastal area provides an amazing view and a relaxing environment. Apart from those 3,000 years old, Turtle Mound is also a place worth seeing in Edgewater. Being 3,000 years old, Turtle Mound is a well-known historical spot of the city. Another historical spot worth visiting is The Cruger dePeyster Plantation Sugar Mill Ruins. These are ruins of a mill with the remains were protected by US officials so it can be a historical reserve.

Edgewater Florida

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Edgewater, Florida is a peaceful place with beaches and parks that have different species of marine life as well as wildlife. Apart from being a natural reserve of wildlife, its historical elements are also worth noticing. Also, these factors make Edgewater a place worth living. However, if you are looking to purchase property in Edgewater, Florida and need a mortgage loan, then contact New Century Financial Mortgage. Overall, we are a boutique brokerage firm that may be able to help you with home purchase mortgage. We have access to top lenders that have various loan programs that may meet your needs. 


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