Eustis Florida

Situated in Florida’s Lake County, Eustis is a suburban city that is home to a population of 18,558 residents. Eustis is widely known for an annual festival that is held on the last Friday of February known as GeorgeFest. This festival has been held in Eustis since 1902 and is the second largest event that is ongoing in honor of George Washington. According to the U.S Census, Eustis extends over a total area of 12.40 square miles, with 6,371 households and 4,058 families residing in its vicinity.

Eustis is nestled in the heart of Florida, within driving distance of hundreds of attractions. Whether you’re into sports, the arts, or just want to relax on the beach, there’s something for everyone nearby. Eustis also has a historic downtown that exhibits some of the finest relics and offers plenty of recreational opportunities.

Some of the most visited places near Eustis include the Hidden Waters Preserve, a serene natural park with beautiful scenery and a garden. Eustis Historical Museum, a local museum with plenty of history and heritage to learn about. Lake Eustis, another local destination that is known for its sailing and fishing opportunities, and Ferran Park, an entertaining nearby sight for adults and children alike.

Eustis Florida

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