Fish Hawk Florida

A suburban community of Tampa, Fish Hawk is a census designated place (CDP) that is unincorporated in Hillsborough County, Florida. Home to a population of about 14,000 people, The CDP also includes a part of Lithia in its vicinity and covers a total area of 16.4 square miles.

Fish Hawk is bordered by several districts and communities including Bloomingdale, Valrico and Riverview. It is also located 20 miles away from downtown Tampa, allowing easy access to the central business district.

Fish Hawk is a comfortable and welcoming location with lakefront access to fishing, dining, shopping, and entertainment. The community offers a variety of features and amenities to suit any lifestyle. Some of the top sights and attractions near Fish Hawk include Lithia Springs Park, a serene poolside resort that also has a camping facility, Fish Hawk Creek Nature Preserve, a large nature preserve area with loads of outdoor activities, and the Alafia River State Park, a stunning natural resort with miles of trails and wildlife to explore.

Fish Hawk Florida

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Fish Hawk, Florida


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