Flagler County

Covering a total area of 571 square miles, Flagler County, founded in April 1917 is a U.S county that has a total population of about 115,000 people. The county is located towards the northeastern region in Florida, next to the coast. The county was named in remembrance of Henry Morrison Flagler, who built the Florida East Coast Railway, and had a major contribution to the establishment of Flagler County. Flagler County is famous for Flagler Beach due to its unwavering natural beauty. Many tourists visit Flagler Beach for its scenery, but also because of the array of activities the place offers like fishing, sunbathing, and outdoor sports. If you enjoy the cool water, you also have a chance to swim with dolphins at Flagler County as well as going on an adventure, where you can explore nature through kayaking. You can also enjoy horse riding on the beach while witnessing a breathtaking view.

Tourists and visitors can also visit the Whitney Laboratory to see how sea turtles are preserved and also observe whales and other marine life, as they migrate in December and March. The tourist spots at Flagler County are full of joy and entertainment, where tourists can enjoy their time indulging in different outdoor activities.

Flagler County

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Flagler County, Florida