Florida City

Incorporated in 1914, Florida City is a suburban city that lies in the southernmost portion of Florida’s Miami-Dade County, and to the south of Homestead. The city is widely known to be a major agricultural hub and was once only known for its agricultural produce along Homestead, with no buildings in its vicinity. Following its incorporation, thirty residents moved into the city and constructed a few households there.

As of 2010, Florida City has a total number of 3,792 households in its area, with a total population of 11,245 people according to the U.S census. Geographically, Florida City spans over a total area of 6.06 square miles and is elevated at 3 feet.

If you’ve got a hankering for some authentic Florida city living, Florida city has plenty of fun and entertainment. Beaches, palm trees, and a tropical climate make this a popular retirement spot for people from all over the country. As the city is a Miami suburb, you will expect to find a plethora of great places to explore nearby. Some of these places are Coral Castle, Pioneer Museum, Loren Roberts Park and Everglades Outpost.

Florida City

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Florida City is a modern, family-friendly city with shady landscapes, rolling hills, and open spaces that offer the perfect spot for fun in the sun. You will also find the best of Southern Florida tucked away in this quaint, tropical paradise along Homestead.

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