Fort Myers Florida

Fort Myers, Florida is a coastal city located in the Lee County of Florida, United States. Originating from Monroe County in the late 1800s, Fort Myers holds historic significance to its residents, and an early development bloom saw the city become Florida’s prime commercial hub in the years to follow.

Fort Myers was initially home to the farmers and cattle community, where it was first recognized as Fort Harvie in the 1860’s and late 1870’s. Settled along the coast of the Caloosahatchee River, the city also developed as a commercial fishing port in the same timeline, with parallel development in its railway, infrastructure, and industrial sector.

Fort Myers quickly developed into a commercial zone over time and saw its first downtown skyscraper and hotel in 1924. The construction of the Edison Bridge was also a notable landmark in the history of Fort Myers, named after the late Thomas Edison.

Staying loyal to its historic prestige, many old wooden structures and buildings in Fort Myers, Florida are still intact under the Historic Preservation Program, celebrating the success of the city over the years. Today, the city is home to various tourist attractions, golf courses, white sand beaches, clubs, restaurants, and art galleries.

Fort Myers Florida

Living in Fort Myers

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