Fruit Cove Florida

A census-designated place, Fruit Cove is situated in St. Johns county in Florida, U.S. The area under Fruit Cove dates back to 1873 when a reverend from North Carolina bought 100 acres of land in the region, and planted orange trees along the river and Cunningham Creek, thus naming it Fruit Cove. The 46 square-kilometer town of over 16,000 inhabitants is widely regarded for the Marywood Retreat Center for the Diocese of St. Augustine.

The quaint town of Fruit Cove has an old-fashioned charm and appeal with plenty of things to do and see. Only 2% of the population lives below the poverty line, and with a median age of 37, it consists of mostly young people between the ages of 18 to 25.

Apart from the scenic beauty of the St. Johns River that is rich in aquatic wildlife, the area is brimming with beautiful, luscious parks nearby. The Alpine Groves Park offers a long hike with nature trails and loads of wildlife to observe along the path.

The Camp Chowenwaw Park is an old-fashioned playground and a park near a lake that offers great fishing activities. Similarly, the Moccasin Slough Park is a riverfront spot with trails, sports activities, fishing and boating. The community is a dream come true for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Fruit Cove Florida

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Fruit Cove is a paradise of waterfront living. Those who live in Fruit Cove enjoy the conveniences of city life while also enjoying the natural beauty of St. Augustine and its immediate surroundings.

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Fruit Cove, Florida

Fruit Cove

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