Gilchrist County

Located in the Northern District of Florida in the U.S, Gilchrist County was created in 1925 as the last organized Florida county. It was named after the Governor of Florida, Albert W. Gilchrist, who served his duties between 1909 and 1913. Initially, it was surrounded by farmlands and timberlands. With its development as an independent county, it encompassed a much larger geographical area. The lush greenery, natural springs, and historic trails add a captivating element to Gilchrist County’s beauty. The area covers an area of 355 square miles and has a population of 18,000 people, recorded in 2019.

Gilchrist County is blessed with numerous natural springs that are enjoyed and loved by local visitors. Hart Springs, Otter Springs, and Ginnie Springs are the famous water bodies that tourists enjoy and visit. Hart Springs is said to be the largest spring swimming area in all of Florida. Visitors can enjoy their time by indulging in various outdoor activities when visiting the natural springs. They feature a walking trail that can be used for hiking, jogging, and bicycling. The springs in Gilchrist are also facilitated with a camping site that has all the necessary equipment to make the visit worthwhile.

Gilchrist County

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Gilchrist County, Florida