Gladeview Florida

In the central portion of Miami-Dade County, Florida lies Gladeview, a census designated place and a coastal community that is home to a local population of 14,468 residents. The community was originally a part of Miami and was annexed into its territory in 1925. However, the effects of the Great Depression in the area forced Miami to give up its jurisdiction.

Covering a total distance of 2.5 square miles, Gladeview is situated between West Little River and Brownsville and is conveniently connected to other parts of Southern Florida through various routes that pass through the community. These include Florida State Road 9 and 934, which connect it to Miami Gardens and Hialeah respectively.

A small community nestled in the lush Everglades, Gladeview is just a short drive away from the city of Miami. The beautiful community itself offers you the comfort of a quiet, relaxing setting with amenities that are designed to meet your needs.

You have the luxury of visiting a plethora of top sights and destinations near the Miami area if you visit Gladeview. Some of these sights include Amelia Earhart Park, Biscayne Boulevard, The Centurion Lounge and Gwen Cherry Park.

Gladeview Florida

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Named for its quiet streets and peaceful living, Gladeview makes a wonderful place to visit and live in Miami-Dade. With family-oriented residents and great dining options nearby, you are in for a special treat in Gladeview. You will never be bored of living in this coastal paradise.

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Gladeview, Florida

Gladeview, Florida

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