Golden Beach Real Estate

Nestled nicely between the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, Golden Beach is located on Collins Avenue and measures just one mile across four blocks east to west, housing 659 residents. Despite its modest size, Golden Beach’s incorporation as a city in 1929, quickly saw it becoming one of South Florida’s most sought-after real estate hotspots thanks to a range of benefits, including a mile of private beach, three impressive parks, and its own separate-entity government. Here, we’re going to consider everything you could hope to know about this luxury Florida hot-spot.

Golden Beach lifestyle and culture

Golden Beach offers a luxury lifestyle that you’d struggle to find elsewhere, with the private beach alone proving a prime attraction for many, especially thanks to its historic oceanfront pavilion at Loggia Beach Park. Golden Beach also offers some amazing park spaces, including The Strand, which sees locals enjoying kayaking and more in the Intercoastal Waterway, and Tweedle, which boasts of tennis courts, playgrounds, and dog run areas. Sports lovers certainly won’t be disappointed here, either, with locations like Oleta River State Park offering opportunities for kayaking and more, while Founders park provides countless sports and recreational facilities for visitors to get stuck right into.

In large part, the addition of such amazing green spaces in a relatively small location like Golden Beach is made possible by the fact that there is no commercial development in the area. This is largely to thank for the area’s luxury feel, avoiding the property build up that can plague so many otherwise wonderful locations. What’s more, there’s no reason for this to stop Golden Beach residents from enjoying all the conveniences they could hope for, thanks to easy access to top shopping spots like Bal Harbor Shops and Aventura Mall. In this sense, the Golden Beach lifestyle really can provide the best of both worlds.

Golden Beach Residents

With just 364 homes in the Golden Beach area, residential life here is a pretty closed affair, and this tight-knit community is a large part of the reason why people love living here. In fact, this location has so much to offer that celebrity residents have long created homes here, including previous big names like Paul Newman, Ricky Martin, Tommy Hilfiger, Carlos Slim and Bill Gates. This is a great community for individuals looking to retire or residents that are professionals.

Golden Beach Real Estate

Real Estate Golden Beach

For a small location, Golden Beach offers a range of property choices. Perhaps the first thing to note about real estate Golden Beach is the fact that it ranks around 115.5% above national averages, making this one the most expensive US cities to live in (ranked 35 out of 273). Golden Beach real estate options include –

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