Groveland Florida

Home to the Historic Edge House, Groveland is a city that is situated in the southern part of Lake County, Florida. The city witnessed an exponential population growth of 189% over the decades of its history, making it the fastest growing place in Florida. Today, Groveland is home to a modest population of about 16,000 residents according to a 2019 estimate, while the city covers a total geographical area of 21.43 square miles.

Imagine fish swimming in clear lakes, smelling an array of flowers, and hiking through the thickest Florida forest. This can be found in the beautiful city of Groveland. Neighborhoods range from quiet subdivisions to rural ranches, and a lively downtown area serves as the icing on the cake.

Top sights to explore in Groveland include Lake Minneola, a lakeside resort that grants access to a plethora of recreational activities and stunning views. Sugarloaf Mountain, a popular lakeside hill and a high point that is suitable for hiking and outdoor fun, and Lakeridge Winery, a local vineyard that is close to the hill and offers wine tasting at its center.

Groveland Florida

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Combining a temperate climate, diverse cultural life, and an active community, Groveland offers something for everyone. Groveland’s friendly and welcoming environment makes it the ideal place for growing businesses and families.

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