Haines City Florida

Established in 1885 and incorporated as a city in 1914, Haines City is situated in Polk County, Florida. With a population of 20,535 inhabitants in the 2010 census, Haines City is the most populated city in the county and is part of the Tampa Bay Area.

Historically, the area under Haines City was established under the name of Clay Cut, which did not have its railroad. Over time, locals in the area persuaded a railroad company to construct a railroad station there and to rename the city to Haines City to honor a former U.S army colonel, Henry Haines.

Since then, modern-day Haines City has witnessed significant growth in all departments, primarily due to its proximity to Orlando.

Home to lots of beautiful parks, a vibrant downtown area, and friendly communities, Haines City is a great city in Florida with lots of places to enjoy and things to do. Popular points of interest in Haines City include Lake Eva Community Park, Tower Lake, Lake Henry, and Lake Hamilton.

Haines City Florida

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Haines City prides itself on offering a balanced lifestyle, complete with outstanding schools, attractive housing options, and exceptional healthcare facilities. Small town values and big-city attractions make this city a great place to visit and live.

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Haines City, Florida

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