Hardee County

A U.S County situated close to the Southern region of Florida, Hardee County was founded in 1921. Named after Cary A. Hardee, who served as Florida’s governor between 1921 and 1925, the total population of Hardee is about 26,000 people, recorded in a 2019 estimate. The county extends over an area of 638 square miles, with the city of Wauchula as its county seat.

In recent times, Hardee was severely affected by Hurricane Charley in 2004, with high-speed winds of up to 149 miles per hour destroying buildings, homes, and other structures in the county. Despite wide-scale damage and loss of property across its towns and cities, Hardee has come a long way since the natural disaster, vastly due to its thriving economic system and infrastructure development, which have helped in restoring the county to its flourishing status today. Hardee is also a widely popular hub for tourism and exploration, due to the presence of historical forts, structures, and buildings in its vicinity. Solomon’s Castle is a popular fortress that hosts a spectacular location for tourists to explore, and an art gallery that attracts the eye. Other famous places in Hardee include Pioneer Park, Highlands Hammock State Park, and Cracker Trail Museum.

Hardee County

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Hardee County, Florida