Highlands County

Highlands County is a U.S County that was founded in April 1921 and is located in the Southern region of Florida. Highlands County was originally a part of DeSoto County and is named after the terrain within the county. There are 3 incorporated communities that fall under Highlands County, these are Avon Park, Sebring, and Lake Placid, and about 13 unincorporated communities are also included in the county. Highlands County has its county seat in Sebring, which is also the largest city within Highlands County. According to a population estimate in 2019, the total population recorded across Highlands County was about 106,221 people.

There are several fun activities and places to explore in Highlands County, as the place has an abundance of state parks, lakes, historical sites, and museums. Some of the most visited places in Highlands County include the Sebring International Raceway, a historic racetrack built-in 1950 that still serves as a sporting facility and provides racing entertainment to its visitors. Highlands Hammock State Park, a spacious state park that features several campsites, wildlife displays, and nature trails for tourists to explore. Lake Jackson, an ideal lake resort for fishing, beachside activities, and outdoor fun, and Lake June in Winter, another lakeside resort for locals and visitors to enjoy outdoor activities, fishing, and playing watersports.

Highlands County

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Highlands County, Florida