Choosing a Housewarming Cake

Cake for a Homeowners Party

How to choose a housewarming cake after buying your first home might be something you are looking into. It might just be the right moment to share the moment with friends and family while they see your new home that you just purchased. They may wonder how you were able to purchase such a wonderful home, but you may have done your research and connected with Mortgage Quote to see what mortgage program best fits your needs. You may be a first time home buyer, and learning how the mortgage process works is a big task, but so is owning a home.

Buying a home is a joyous occasion that every first time buyer looks forward to. While everyone wants to celebrate with the new owners, choosing the right cake for the right person is essential for your friends, family and guests. The type of cake you select will depend on how informal or formal the party will be. How you decorate it will depend on whether it will be an intimate party with family and close friends or a more significant celebration for many guests.

How to Choose the Right Housewarming Cake?

1. Formal Party

If your housewarming party is formal, be sure the cake you choose is elegant and versatile. A bright yellow with white and colored frosting combined with white and colored garland is a dramatic choice. If you have a formal party, consider using silver or gold foil and add bling to the center of it that matches your color scheme. Be sure to include your name on the dessert so it will be appreciated and remembered at the party.

2. Informal Party

For an informal celebration, you want to select something that will be easy to eat standing up, and the whole crowd can enjoy it together. A sheet cake decorated like an athletic field is an excellent choice for an informal party. You can also purchase shaped cakes made from bisque if you have someone who bakes them at home and decorates them yourself with buttercream frosting. Homeowners may need some budgeting tips for your party, but make sure to just be reasonable in your approach.

A Cake for the Right Type of Party

1. Fruity

For something fruity, consider a sizable soft cake decorated with cupcakes or miniature cakes made by a local bakery. You can even make them yourself using a metal baking cup. You'll need to use fruit-flavored decorating butter creams to create the variety of colors you may want. The center of the large or shaped cake will be reserved for the new homeowners name and purchase date. You can also purchase an acrylic stand and display the dessert in their honor at home.

2. Healthier

For a bit of a healthier cake that might be of interest to sport athletes, consider angel food, or a sheet cake decorated like an athletic field or a building site easily recognizable as what they need for their career path, such as professional sports or business. Order your specialty dessert two weeks in advance to ensure you receive the one you want. For an extra special touch, have a photograph of the home taken and displayed on top of it. Be sure to include the new owner's name on the cake.

3. Formal

For a more formal cake, consider an elegant-looking sheet cake or a shaped one decorated to look luxury or pristine, perhaps choose a luxury retail brand and use that style to complement the cake. If you want to have the homeowner itself more of the focus, like a framed picture of the home and city. You can also include their favorite sport or hobby and let them know their success is just beginning!

Choosing a Housewarming Cake

Ways to Decorate a Housewarming Cake

1. Begin With a Decorated Stand

One of the easiest ways to decorate a cake is to purchase an acrylic cake stand that holds the finish and place it on top. If you need to order one from a specialty bakery, be sure you allow at least two weeks for delivery, or you may be disappointed.

2. Add a Home Design

Because you will want your housewarming name to be included on the cake and, in some cases, the city, consider having an image of a home or city added to the middle of the cake. You can purchase one from your local party store or find one online at stores.

3. Personalize it with Candles

Another great way to add additional personalization is to add candles. For example, a housewarming cake for a woman could be decorated with three or four different colored candles set vertically around the top of it and in place of a traditionally in the center.

If you are concerned that the homeowner may want something other than candles, consider tying streamers around the bottom of them to create candles without actually burning them. If you choose this option, be sure you tie streamers made from non-flammable material only, such as tissue paper or crepe paper which is rolled into shape and tied with baker's twine or another light stringing material.

4. Add City Seals, USA Flags

If you are looking for another way to personalize it, consider adding seals and flags made from fondant or computer cutouts to the top of the cake. You can purchase these items in styles that match your decor or cut them out yourself using a pastry bag filled with white icing and a pastry tip.

5. Create a Covered Cake

The moist chocolate dessert will work if you want the house owners name included on the top but not added to the chocolate. You can use colorful buttercream icing to decorate the cake with flowers, ribbons, diplomas, and other touch-ups to give it an elegant look.

How Far in Advance Should I Order My Housewarming Cake?

When ordering your cake for a housewarming party, you should share details about the cake, who are the new homeowners, the date and location of the party, and what kind of decoration you want at least two weeks before the event. If you need to order a specialty or one that is personalized, you should call at least three weeks in advance to ensure delivery on time.

When ordering your cake, you should share details about the dessert, who is the homeowner, the date and location of the party, and what kind of decoration you want at least two weeks before the event. If you need to order a specialty cake or one that is personalized, you should call at least three weeks in advance to ensure delivery on time.