How Fill Out A Check

Do you know how to fill out a check? If not, then the process is not hard and can be pretty friendly to keep track of. It is assumed that you have first opened up a bank or brokerage account that has provided you check books for your use. However, checks are very rare these days as most people use digital payments, so you might not have written one before. Here's how to fill out a check.

1. Write on the "pay to" line who you want to make the check out to. This is where you write who you're paying--the person sending the check, the bank, or even yourself if it's a personal check.

2. Spell out how much you're paying right below where you wrote the “pay to”. On the right side of the check is a box where you write in the "dollar amount". Fill this out in numbers and decimal points. For example, if you were paying someone $20.75, that would be written as "Twenty dollars and seventy-five cents."

3. Sign your name on the very bottom right line.

How Fill Out A Check

4. Write in your “memo” or associated account number on the bottom left, if it's a business check. The bank might request this number when you cash your check so they know where to put money into your account.

Things like eBooks and apps are effective ways to generate passive in5. Fill out the date in its box on the right side of the "Date" line and make sure to put the current date in.

All checks generally have the same basic layout, regardless of what bank they are from. Follow these simple steps and you can easily pay with a check without any problems.

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How to write a check?