Ives Estates Florida

Situated in the northern portion of Miami-Dade County, Ives Estates is a census-designated place (CDP) that has a total population of 17,586 residents. Bordered by nearby districts and census areas such as Norland, Andover, and West Park, Ives Estates spans over a total area of 2.8 square miles, elevated at 10 feet above sea level. A total number of 6,923 households currently reside in the Ives Estates CDP.

Ives Estates is a rapidly developing community in Miami-Dade County that boasts an array of friendly neighborhoods and enjoyable recreational activities. It’s known for its warm beaches, local eateries, and beautiful scenery.

The locals around town are also known to be very welcoming and outgoing. You will not find it difficult to adapt to the local culture in Ives Estates.

Popular points of interest near the city include the Oleta River State Park, a stunning nature escape that features beautiful natural scenery and breathtaking views. Or Haulover Park, a busy local beachfront that is ideal for beachside activities such as volleyball, and the park, a sporting park that has a plethora of athletic fields for sports lovers.

Ives Estates Florida

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Ives Estates is a quaint and quiet neighborhood to the North of Miami city in Florida. Residents are friendly and neighbors are helpful, making living here an unforgettable experience. Visit this city to experience the luxury of a rural retreat with plenty of local charm.

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Ives Estates, Florida


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