Jackson County

Situated towards the Northwestern region in Florida, Jackson County is a U.S county that was founded in August 1822. Jackson County is named after Andrew Jackson, who served as the seventh U.S president from 1829 to 1837. Initially, there were no incorporated towns in Jackson County, and early development in the region began during the mid-19th century under the European Americans. A few towns were developed within Jackson County during this time, and Marianna was established as the first county seat of Jackson County, which also remains the county seat today. In recent times, there are two other cities and eight towns that are officially incorporated under Jackson County. In 2019, the total population recorded across Jackson County was 46,414 people.

With a vast abundance of lakes, fishing points, beaches, and parks, Jackson County has plenty to offer its visitors and locals. Popular destinations to visit in Jackson County include the Florida Caverns State Park, The Citizen’s Lodge Park, Merritt’s Mill Pond, and Cottondale. An important highlight of these locations is the natural landscape, clean water springs, and outdoor entertainment such as fishing, camping, and beachside fun that makes Jackson County a diverse tourist hub. Jackson County is also a very secure location, with a robust economy and a thriving healthcare system.

Jackson County

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Jackson County, Florida