Jacksonville Beach Florida

A coastal resort city situated in the Duval County of Florida, Jacksonville Beach was incorporated in 1907. The city was initially named Pablo Beach but was later renamed Jacksonville Beach in 1925.

The city of Jacksonville Beach is an integral part of a group of local communities in the area. With a population of 23,339 people, The city covers a total geographical area of 21.96 square miles, at an elevation of 3 meters.

Home to a blend of classic urban living and a suburban experience, Jacksonville Beach is one of the finest places to visit in Florida. The area offers different kinds of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The climate is mostly humid and subtropical that allows for experience of both warm summers and mildly cold winters.

Popular tourist attractions that are near Jacksonville Beach include Adventure Landing, a local theme park that features an array of water sports and rides for family entertainment.

Beaches Museum, a local history exhibit that is certainly worth visiting for history buffs, and Shipwreck Island Water Park, another water park that is home to many waterside activities and water rides. The fun experience of a beautiful beach along with water activities like fishing, surfing, and beach volleyball make this area an attractive place for tourists.

Jacksonville Beach Florida

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Jacksonville Beach welcomes visitors from across the country with warm beaches nearby, lovely oceanfront accommodations, engaging nightlife, and tons of family-friendly activities.

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Jacksonville Beach, Florida

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