Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Florida is a city located to the Northeast of Florida and was founded in 1922. Interstate 295 is a major highway that is a complete circle around the city. It is positioned in a right-angled triangular shape as you would perceive on the globe, having a total area of 875 square miles. Due to its position along the Atlantic Coastline, Jacksonville enjoys the windy sea breeze with numerous beaches surrounding the coastline for 20 miles. These exotic and luxurious beaches make this city come to life, with their romantic sunsets and nightlife under the moonlight.

The charm of the city lies in its architectural infrastructure, national parks and recreational waters. It relishes the beauty of the intercoastal St. Johns River which stretches over 40 miles and disperses into many smaller canals. The coastal areas of Jacksonville are home to some of the most spacious and refreshing national parks in all of Florida. With more than 10 in total, these parks are best for an everyday jog, exercise and fitness and offer the best outdoor recreational activities.

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Some of the best places to visit in Jacksonville include the below.

The beaches. They are wonderful, and some of the popular city parks are Hanna, which is a famous beach, Huguenot Memorial, and Jacksonville Arboretum.

MOSH This is one of the most exciting things about the city. The interactive planetarium offers the most wonderful views for star lovers.

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Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Florida

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