Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Florida is a city located to the Northeast of Florida and was founded in 1922. Interstate 295 is a major highway that is a complete circle around the city. It is positioned in a right-angled triangular shape as you would perceive on the globe, having a total area of 875 square miles. Due to its position along the Atlantic Coastline, Jacksonville enjoys the windy sea breeze with numerous beaches surrounding the coastline for 20 miles. These exotic and luxurious beaches make this city come to life, with their romantic sunsets and nightlife under the moonlight.

The charm of the city lies in its architectural infrastructure, national parks and recreational waters. It relishes the beauty of the intercoastal St. Johns River which stretches over 40 miles and disperses into many smaller canals. The coastal areas of Jacksonville are home to some of the most spacious and refreshing national parks in all of Florida. With more than 10 in total, these parks are best for an everyday jog, exercise and fitness and offer the best outdoor recreational activities.

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Some of the best places to visit in Jacksonville include the below.

The beaches. They are wonderful, and some of the popular city parks are Hanna, which is a famous beach, Huguenot Memorial, and Jacksonville Arboretum.

MOSH This is one of the most exciting things about the city. The interactive planetarium offers the most wonderful views for star lovers.

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Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Florida

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Real estate Jacksonville is ideal if you want to explore the great outdoors. You can experience a different side of Florida here, not to mention that it is full of relaxation and adventures for everyone. With 22 miles of beaches and extensive park systems, it’s safe to say that this is a popular area for real estate. Want to find out more about real estate in Jacksonville? Take a look below.

Real Estate Jacksonville with a Waterfront Destination

Jax, as the locals tend to call it, is located in the north-eastern part of Florida. It’s a very short trip away from the southeast and it’s known for being a waterfront destination. The community is very close to a huge range of shops, and it’s well-kept too. On top of this,the hospitality industry is second-to-none. With condos, apartments, and luxury properties, you will soon find that there is something for everyone in the area.

Opportunities for Real Estate Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a wonderful place to live, regardless of where you are in life. It doesn’t matter whether you are a young professional or whether you are simply looking to buy a second property, because there are many neighborhoods with plenty of amenities for all. Look below to find out some of the most popular areas when it comes to real estate Jacksonville. Jacksonville also is an area with duplex townhomes, so if this is of your interest, you may want to reach out to your real estate agent to discuss. There also tends to be some areas where a USDA loan may qualify, so make sure to look at our real estate tools to see if its eligible.

Popular Areas to Live in Real Estate Jacksonville

When it comes to real estate in Jacksonville, you have plenty of opportunities available. Some of the most popular areas for home buyers can be found here. Get a mortgage quote to help you with the process.

Jacksonville Florida


The Mandarin neighborhood can be found in the southern end of Jacksonville. The name is derived from the mandarin orange and it’s safe to say that the area is truly stunning. Some of the Jax locals even refer to it as being a tropical paradise. There are a lot of shopping opportunities, historical sites, and riverfront activities. It is also known for its stunning oak trees.


Baymeadows is home to numerous properties in Jacksonville. A lot of professionals also choose to take up residence in Baymeadows too. If you want to buy a property that is close to local connections or if you want to be close to the shops and stores without compromising the beauty of where you live then Baymeadows is a popular option.

Bartram Park

This neighborhood is home to the famous Julington-Durbin Creek Preserve. This area gives you the chance to explore wildlife and flora through hiking, picnicking, and kayaking. You will also find that you are close to a lot of the local links as well, with plenty of public transportation options and so many shops and stores nearby. Residents are often within walking distance of some of the finest restaurants in the area too.


This northside location has plenty of greenery nearby and it’s well-connected with other parts of the city. There are shopping centers nearby and there are also a lot of wooded areas. The Trout River remains to be one of the most secluded green spaces in the urban area as well, helping the residents to stay more connected with nature.


A lot of people want to live in the heart of Jacksonville, which would be the Downtown area. There are skyscrapers galore, and you also have St. John’s River too. Downtown Jacksonville is primarily a business district, but it has a quiet waterfront with plenty of pubs and seafood grills. You also have a shopping and dining complex as well. Some of the events that are held there attract people from other districts, with popular venues such as the Times-Union Centre. So if you are looking to purchase a home in this area, reach out to your real estate agent. In some areas of downtown, you may have to request a jumbo loan as the prices can be a bit pricey.


Riverside is the neighborhood to be in if you want a unique experience when it comes to shopping, dining and culture. It’s one of the oldest but also one of the coolest neighborhoods in Jacksonville. On top of this, it has been voted in the past as being one of the top 10 greatest neighborhoods in the US. A lot of this comes down to its unique mix of cultural diversity, modern design, and historic charm. The Museum of Art is a high-traffic attraction, and it is often packed full of people all-year round. The river features a lot of multi-million-dollar waterfront homes, along with apartment buildings.

Jacksonville is also home to many different amenities, not to mention that you will find nearly every type of real estate here too. There are various waterfront properties as well as condos and rental homes for those who want to be closer to where they work. Make sure to get a mortgage quote with us to see if you qualify to buy a home today.