Jupiter Farms Florida

Located to the western side of the Florida Turnpike, Jupiter Farms is a community that forms a part of Florida’s Palm Beach County. Jupiter Farms is nicknamed ‘The Farms’ by locals who reside in the area, and has 15 square miles of land in its vicinity.

The community is situated just south of Palm City and Stuart, and is connected to other parts of Florida and the East Coast through Florida 706, which is commonly referred to as Indiantown Road. While the exact population of the Jupiter Farms community is not known, an estimate in 2010 suggested that the total population of the community was about 12,000 people.

Jupiter Farms shares a proximity to major Florida attractions and sights along the East Coast, and is surrounded by lush green landscapes and water bodies. The community might not be the most populous area around Palm Beach County, but certainly lives up to a reputation of a lively community.

Notable places to visit and explore in Jupiter Farms include the Jupiter Farms Park, Riverbend Park, Lady Jean Ranch and the Garden Depot. Visitors around this area can also enjoy easy access to outdoor recreation and beaches around Florida’s East Coast, as it is only a few miles away from Jupiter Farms.

Jupiter Farms Florida

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Discover a rare piece of Florida paradise at Jupiter Farms, a one-of-a-kind community where you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and relax in a secure environment. Jupiter Farms is a place of discovery and exploration – an unspoiled sanctuary for nature-lovers and history buffs.

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