Kendall Florida

Kendall Florida is a town located in Miami-Dade County, about 10 miles southwest of Miami along the U.S. Route 1, having a population of around seventy-four and a half thousand residents.

This unique town, Kendall has an urban-suburban mixed ambience. This makes it a great place for kids to grow up in, as they’ll experience both lifestyles. Most of its residents are permanent house owners and not tenants, so owner occupied property is popular here. Locals are working professionals that generally drive to downtown Miami or Ft Lauderdale for work. The local schools are highly rated as many young professionals live here.

Kendall Florida has Metro Zoo which takes up an area of almost 300 acres of jungles, forest and trails encompassed by moats which facilitates the fauna to freely roam around the town. The most fascinating fact about this zoo is the rare White Bengal Tigers that they’ve kept in the facility’s world-class aviary.

Overall, Kendall is not only a comfortable metropolis in terms of residence, but also its tourism attracts people from all over the world.

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Kendall Florida

Places to visit in Kendall

Overall, Kendall Florida has Dade land Mall is a surprisingly large shopping mall where you’d find over 185 stores. They range from gift shops, departmental stores and bargain stores to restaurants.

For instance, a great place to relax is Killian Greens Golf Course where it has 18-holes.

Sharp Shooters Billiards is popular for a game of pool. This billiards place is located on the 2nd floor of an exquisite shopping mall off of 117th and Sunset Drive.·

However, Arcade Odyssey is the best for super video game fans. It has a selection of video games and various arcades with drinks you could imagine in a fantasy book.

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