Key West Florida

Key West Florida is a popular island located in southern Florida and a short drive from Miami. This island is a part of a larger string of islands called the Florida Keys. In 1822, It was claimed by the USA, development began shortly after. During this time, Key West became the wealthiest area per capita in the nation. In the 20th century Henry Flagler established his rail to Key West from mainland Florida. This connected the two in his quest to expand the Florida East Coast Railway company.

Key West is only 90 miles away from Cuba and is known as the southernmost point and city in the USA. Prior to the embargos against Cuba, ferries and airplanes were typical transportation between the two.

Duval Street is the main area where local businesses are located. The lifestyle of Key West and the Florida Keys are relaxed, as boating and ocean activities is a huge draw to this area. Lobster diving and fishing are amongst popular things to do. If the salt life is your lifestyle, then consider visiting as you might never want to leave. Key West International Airport is a means of transportation here with almost 1 million passengers in 2019, but is limited due to the length of the runway.

Rumor has it that the Sloppy Joe and Key Lime Pies originated here. Ernest Hemingway famously lived here and was friends with the owner of the Sloppy Joe’s Bar, Joe Russell. 

Key West Florida

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Homes in Key West are limited due to space, as the island is 4 miles long and 1 mile wide. If you are looking to purchase a home in Key West, which is only a few hours away from Miami. We specialize in mortgages for home buyers, having an array of programs to meet your needs. If your contract has seller concessions in it, then let us know as there are certain parameters for each program.

Part of the Florida Keys archipelago and Monroe County, Key West is an island city in the United States. It's also Florida's southernmost point and has a total size of 7.21 square miles. Key West is known for its conch-style houses and distinct structures that are bound to impress. It is also recognized for its coral reefs, which are great for diving and snorkeling, rather than its beaches.

With a population of over 24,800 as of 2019, it dates back to the 19th century, but only boomed after businessmen invested in the area, making it a tourist destination and a naval base.

Sunsets are famous in Key West, and watching them from Mallory Square is one of the best things to do on any visit. Duval Street is the primary tourist strip of Key West, with restaurants and stores geared toward visitors and cruise ship passengers.

A magnificent tropical garden surrounds the Ernest Hemingway Museum, which also includes a salt-water pool with his last coin pressed into the concrete.

A family visit to the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is a must in Key West. The opportunity to roam among more than 50 kinds of butterflies in a glass conservatory's natural garden setting will attract children of all ages.

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Key West is an island city on the Florida Keys archipelago. It is the southernmost point of the continental US, just 95 miles from Cuba and famous for its coral reefs, beaches and conch-style properties. The official City of Key West comprises parts of separate islands, including Sunset, the north of Stock Island, Dredgers and Fleming. The island is about four miles long and one mile wide, providing around 4.2 square miles of total space for its inhabitants. It connects to the rest of the US via Route 1.

Why Is Real Estate Key West Popular?

Key West, Monroe County, FL, is one of the most popular property markets in the country. Average selling prices hover over $1 million, with many homes being priced substantially higher than this. In April 2021 alone, more than 19 properties worth more than $1.5 million sold in the area.

Key West is popular due to beautiful beaches and sea views offering paradise living. It has a destination-type atmosphere. And the weather is excellent most of the year because of its location at the tip of the Florida peninsula. Daily mean temperatures hover about 80 degrees F between May and October, with lows averaging around 50 to 60 degrees in the winter months from December to February. Rainfall in the region is highest in the summer months, trailing off during the winter. Hours of sunshine are highest in the spring, averaging well over 300 hours per month from March until August.

Many of the properties in the city are traditional pale wooden historic houses, built in the late 1800s. These so-called “conches” were constructed by people moving to the location from the Bahamas in the nineteenth century.

Key West’s long history means that it hosts some notable residences. These include the Little White House, named after President Harry Truman’s regular visits, and Ernest Hemingway’s Home. Tennessee Williams is said to have written the first draft of A Streetcar Named Desire while living in a house in Key West in 1941.

The city attracts anglers from all over the world. The warm waters between mainland Florida and the Keys play host to many species of game fish. Tarpon and permit are both available in the deep waters off the southern coast of Florida.

Key West’s transport is also different from the rest of the country. While there are roads and people own cars, many prefer to cycle or use scooters instead. So it is a popular location for people who want to get around by different means.

Key West Florida

Features Of Real Estate Key West Market

In the first quarter of 2020, owners in Key West sold a combined total of 639 properties. That figure jumped to more than 1,061 inthe first quarter of 2021.

According to our source links, the average list price of a house in Q1 2020 was $967,000. A year later it rose to $1,109,000 for the same time period. The median asking price in 2021 was above $1.3 million.

Real Estate In Key West: Neighborhoods

Key West is home to several neighborhoods, including Downtown, Uptown, the historic seaport area, Bahama Village, Heart of Old Town, Casa Marina, New Town, Beach Side, Mid Town and Sunset Key.

The historic seaport and Old Town are the oldest parts of the city. Originally, these areas hosted warehouses that nineteenth century residents would use to unload supplies. But today, they play host to beautiful, late nineteenth-early twentieth century architecture.

Downtown is a small urban district in the center of Key West, close to Old Town. It offers residents access to offices, entertainment, restaurants, bars and places of worship.

Bahama Village is so named because it was home to people moving from the Bahamas in the 1800s. Walking down its streets feels distinctly Caribbean, thanks to its white- and canary blue-painted houses. Even to this day, the district retains its cultural heritage.