Keystone Florida

An unincorporated census-designated place (CDP), Keystone is a suburban community in Florida, U.S. Keystone has a total population of about 24,039 people, and is bordered by Northdale and Cheval to its East. Keystone is widely regarded as a flourishing community with some of the best elementary schools in Florida. Locals in Keystone are also known to be very inviting and hospitable.

As Florida’s perfect family destination, Keystone is a monumental community that will surely amaze you. It’s home to relaxation and recreational atmosphere that will steal your heart. The CDP also offers stunning landscapes, proximity to famous shopping districts, and plenty of spaces to enjoy the outdoors.

Some of the most popular and noteworthy destinations around Keystone include Keystone Beach, a beautiful local park and garden for families, Lake Santa Fe, a remarkable destination for fishing and boating, Lake Brooklyn and Lake Hutchinson, both of which are stunning water bodies that attract couples and young explorers.

Keystone Florida

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Keystone is a suburban community made up of friendly people. You’ll find families that invite you into their backyard, and friends that meet up for a game of beach volleyball. It’s the sort of place where honesty and compassion are golden, and neighbors are always willing to pitch in to help each other out. This makes Keystone a very desirable place to settle in Florida.

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Keystone, Florida


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