Lake City

Lake City

Situated along the Florida Panhandle and nicknamed ‘The Gateway of Florida’, Lake City is a metropolitan city that serves as the county seat of Columbia County, Florida. Originally settled in 1821, the area under Lake City was previously known as the town of Alligator due to its proximity to a nearby settlement named Alligator Village. In 1859, Alligator was incorporated into a city and renamed Lake City.

With a total geographical area of 12.25 square miles, Lake City is located adjacent to Interstate 10 and Interstate 75, thus getting its nickname as the gateway to Florida. The city is also conveniently located near Five Points, and at a distance of 60 miles from Jacksonville. According to the U.S Census Bureau, Lake City has a total population of 12,046 people as of 2010, with a total number of 4,650 households in its area.

Whether you're looking for a little adventure or just happy to relax, Lake City is the perfect place. The combination of salty breezes, warm sunsets, and dazzling views makes it an ideal place to kick back with friends or make new ones. Popular places to explore and visit in lake City include Alligator, Isabella, Columbia County Historical, and De Soto.

Lake City

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At Lake City, you will find an abundance of lakes and waterside resorts that make this beautiful city ideal for all sorts of outdoors. You can also enjoy ideal climate conditions and experience Florida living like no other in this coastal paradise.

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