Lake Magdalene Florida

Lake Magdalene is a CDP and a suburb, located in the north-western part of Hillsborough County in Florida, near the city of Tampa. This census-designated place gets its name from a massive lake in its center, surrounded by 26.5 square kilometers of land, and 11 additional lakes.

With a population of over 30,000 inhabitants, Lake Magdalene attracts locals and tourists to its wide range of quality public schools and beautiful lakes. Historically, the area dates back to 1888, when it had received enough inhabitants to have its first post office, followed by the establishment of schools and churches once the population grew.

One cannot travel to the town of Lake Magdalene and not visit the very lake it’s named after. Lake Magdalene, the largest lake in the very center of the area, is a magical body of water surrounded by blooming flowers and grown trees that make it appear like an image out of a fairy tale.

Moreover, a sports enthusiast can visit the Tampa Grand Prix race tracks to watch races, or go fishing and boat riding in any of the 11 popular lakes. The Lowry Zoo Park is also a popular destination with children and adults alike to observe and interact with local wildlife.

Lake Magdalene Florida

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