Lakeland Florida

In the east of Tampa is the largest city of Polk County known as Lakeland Florida 1. As the name suggests, this area of central Florida has a lot of lakes. However, the 38 named lakes found in the community are the heart of the most widely recognized and well-established neighborhoods. Whether you are a traveler or looking for a place to live, Lakeland has got all kinds of sensations for all kinds of people who come here. In other words, two easy-access airports make it easier to move around for frequent travelers.

Overall, Lakeland Florida is full of antique dealers, specialty shops, art galleries, museums, restaurants, and pubs, right in the heart of downtown “Lakeland’s living room”. A walk around the Lake Mirror, the beauty of the Hollis Garden, the Polk Museum of Art, and several other sensations will make you fall in love with this place. The Downtown Farmers curb market is a must-visit on Saturday morning in the culturally rich city of Lakeland.

Main Attractions in Lakeland Florida

Lakeland has several attractions for visitors as well as the residents which include:

The Lakes: The most famous among the many are; Lake Mirror, Lake Morton, Lake Hollingsworth.

Theater & Dance: Florida Dance Theatre, FSC Festival of Fine Arts, Polk Theatre.

Parks & Recreation: Hollis Garden, Safari Wilderness, and Colt Creek State Park.

Lakeland Florida

Interested in moving to Lakeland Florida?

With an area of around 74.4 square miles, Lakeland Florida is home to over 100,000 people, while being one of the best places to live in central Florida. If you are looking for a house for either acquiring or renting, feel free to contact New Century Financial mortgage for the best offers. In addition, we have a lot of experience as brokers all over Florida. Give us a call and you will not have to worry about the installments or any other related stuff. If you are looking to obtain a mortgage to buy or refinance a home in Lakeland Florida, then contact New Century Mortgage.



Things to Do in Lakeland

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