Largo Florida

Officially incorporated in 1905, Largo is a city that is situated in the Tampa Bay region and Pinellas County in Florida. The city of Largo alternated between a town and a city multiple times throughout its history before finally establishing itself as a city in 1974.

Economically, Largo was widely known for its agricultural product exports in the early 1950s, before it was significantly transformed into a bedroom community in the late 1960s. Today, Largo has established itself as the third-largest city in Pinellas County and is home to a population of about 84,948 people, according to an estimate in 2019.

With its central location in the Tampa Bay area, Largo is home to some of the best water resorts and coastal beaches in Florida. Top sights in Largo include Gulf Boulevard, a lengthy coastal road that connects various beaches and resorts together, making it a must-visit place for local visitors.

The Sawgrass Lake Park, a mesmerizing swamp preserve that also features a nature boardwalk to explore. Heritage Village, a local museum that exhibits the rich history of the area, providing an entertaining visit for all ages, and the Splash Harbor Water Park, a popular destination that offers slides, sports, and a kid’s area.

Largo Florida

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