Lauderdale Lakes Florida

Incorporated in 1961, Lauderdale Lakes is a city that is situated in the Broward County of Florida, U.S. The city is officially referred to as the ‘City of Lauderdale Lakes and was originally known to be a retirement area for the Northeasters and New Yorkers in the early 60s.

Today, with a population of roughly 36,000 inhabitants, Lauderdale Lakes is mainly a the Caribbean and African-American community with a mixed percentage of residents from Southern Florida. According to the U.S Census Bureau, Lauderdale Lakes covers a total area of 9.66 square kilometers, elevated at 9 feet.

Located just a few miles away from Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale Lakes is a family-friendly neighborhood with lots to offer. If you’re looking for unique shops and great local restaurants, then you are located at just the right place.

Lauderdale Lakes is also in proximity to some of the best tourist points in the Miami Metropolitan Area. Popular points of interest nearby include the Fern Forest Nature Center, a wilderness area that is home to a diverse species of natural habitat, West Commercial Boulevard, an ideal place to drop and shop, Uncle Bernie’s Amusement Park, a lovely park that has dedicated carnival rides and various eateries, and the Reef Aquaria Design, a stunning aquarium with a scenic display of marine life.

Lauderdale Lakes Florida

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