Leesburg Florida

Located in central Florida, Leesburg is a suburban city in Florida’s Lake County. Home to a population of 23,000 residents in 2019, Leesburg is home to many notable educational institutes of the country including Beacon College, and Lake-Sumter State College, more commonly known as LSSC.

A brief history of Leesburg suggests that the city was once a major watermelon producing area. It also hosted a watermelon festival annually for about 30 years until watermelon production declined in the area.

Today, Leesburg has shaped into a popular retirement destination, which has seen a steady growth in its infrastructure and economy. Situated between Lake Griffin and Lake Harris, Leesburg spans over a total geographical area of 39.99 square miles, and is elevated at 95 feet.

If you are looking for something different, you should check out Leesburg Florida. You can visit historic sites, museums, art galleries, factory tours, local wineries, antique shops and much more in this city filled with opportunities.

There are also a number of top sights to explore across Leesburg such as Lake Griffin State Park, Lake Dora, Venetian Gardens and The Howey Mansion.

Leesburg Florida

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Leesburg is a place in Lake County that has a lot to offer. Experience a quieter side of Florida without sacrificing the activities you love the most. The city is particularly filled with historic districts, lush lakeside parks, and plenty of shopping. This is particularly why Leesburg is one of the best places to live in Lake County, Florida.

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